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Saturday 24 February 2018
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Our Projects

HMG Projects





HMG Project Management is a holding company established by MR.Abdulaziz BinHouhou and headquarters in Kuwait. This Company is focused and engaged in investment activities, brokerage, Real Estate Management, Marketing, IT , and Legal. Since its establishment HMG Projects follows a diversified strategy while covering its services in /Kuwait, GCC, MEA, Europe, North America, and Far East.

  • HMG’s new business structure is based on extensive years for experience and know –how to merge the current source of media, technologies and contents with its new vision to provide unique and high quality products and services
  • HMG Projects are invested towards Empowerment of Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Transfer & Business Education
  • HMG is a global approach towards awareness for Entrepreneurship Events
  • HMG aim to be a reference and an reliable authority for Small Business in the region and a main organizer for Entrepreneurship Events!
  • HMG is a Bridge Between the Entrepreneurial world of Knowledge and Middle East Audience
  • HMG is capitalizing on main Service Provider & First Class consultation Bureau for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


Arabia Real Estate Network Group





Arabia Real Estate Network Group is the first group established in ( Kuwait, GCC , and Middle East). This group offers fully managed, refurbished, rented villas, and apartments in the United States and Europe which are carefully selected and inspected.

Real Estate Network exists to build fully fledged and managed real estate developments that deliver a world of well-being life. We commit to deliver on time properties which are branded with quality, space, affordable prices and having a decent return on investment (ROI).

Our aim is to establish a firm which understands the essential needs of owning a dream property, having sustainable features, and reasonable process.


HMG Properties





HMG Properties was founded in 2009, the aim was to establish a firm which understand the essential needs of owning a dream property, having sustainable features and reasonable prices. After the financial crisis of 2008, the idea came that all people disregarding their income, prestige and position have the right to own a decent property either for personal usage or for investment.

HMG properties come rightly at this corner of life, to offer its clientele and investors properties which are in line with their budget, trustworthy and qualified.

HMG Properties is the first Group in Kuwait, GCC and the Middle East to offer fully managed, refurbished and rented villas and apartments in the United States and Europe which are carefully selected and inspected.

  • To become a leading Real Estate Group for Overseas Property Investment.
  • Our success is based on the trust of our clients and our years of experience in this industry.

HMG Properties exists to build fully fledged and managed real estate developments that deliver a world of well-being life. We commit to deliver on time, properties which are branded with quality, space , affordable prices and having a decent return on investment (ROI).







KnowledgeTalk is a specialized company gave rise in 2001 for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs that serves in Education, Media, Business Services and Project Management to operate in Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. From here KnowledgeTalk started as an idea to be one of those who contribute to the development of education systems and their applications to be a useful process for the scientific community that provides state of the art techniques applicable in any given location at any time.

To launch our brand to an International platform, we share a vision here at the company:

  • To provide high quality service and acheive customer satisfaction
  • To operate and grow through sound economic decisions

It is an upcoming firm established for the purpose of bridging good knowledge among humanity to enlighten life and businesses at every point and improve their achievements.”







RE/MAX, an American international real estate network that relies on a franchise system was found in 1973 by David and Gail Liniger in Denver; Colorado.

RE/MAX International is the number one real estate brand was founded on a revolutionary concept of enabling real estate professionals to maximize their business potential which has evolved into a network that spread across over 90 countries on six continents with more than 90,000 Sales Associates, in more than 7,000 offices worldwide.

In 2013, Mr. Abulaziz BinHouHou was selected to represent RE/MAX as Master Franchise in three promising countries, Kuwait, Qatar , and Bahrain.

Our vision is to establish RE/MAX as the gateway to financial freedom for the largest number of entrepreneurs in and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout our affiliates’ most qualified and skilled Real Estate Brokerage and Consultancy services.

Our mission is to position RE/MAX as the leading Real Estate Brand and develop the largest brokerage network in , in order to maximize business opportunities to our affiliates. And by providing robust support through intensive educational programs, cutting edge technology and international affiliation, RE/MAX will continue to pave the way towards successful business and career development with maximum economic growth to all its affiliates.


HMG Brokerage





HMG Brokerage is a real estate brokerage company operating with our HQ in Kuwait and branches UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain, Spain, USA, UK, and in process of launching new offices in Egypt and Jordan.

Our services extended from residential brokerage to investment & commercial brokerage locally, regionally and internationally. These include shopping centres, office and industrial buildings, hotels/motels, golf and resort properties and land. Our investment professionals provide clients with an unparalleled perspective on their commercial investment in USA, Europe, Middle East and other countries. All our services are backed up by our experienced legal & administration team to conduct safe and fast transactions.

To lead the way for the next generation of real estate brokerage in which excellence, integrity, knowledge, commitment, and collaboration dominate professional real estate service. Our objective is to be a profitable leader in commercial, retail and residential real estate. We will serve our customers’ needs and will consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community.

Our aim is to provide quality service to our clients & investors to buy or and sale their overseas properties managed by our international Dealing room with coordination from our international offices and our solid partnership with established brokerage firms and agents.


America Business Franchise





America Business Franchise Group “ABF” is a brokerage firm licensed in USA and has its offices in GCC, Middle East and North Africa. ABF provides full Commercial & Franchising services through its well experienced, qualified, and global network of affiliated offices.
ABF has grown into one of the nation’s leading companies, with two major business services:

  • Franchise Business Brokerage: We provide franchise brokerage services and open new markets for franchisors by doing an effective and efficient international Match-Making program to qualify the right investors and entrepreneurs, and link them with right Brand/ Businesses that would serve best in their territory.
  • Commercial Business Brokerage: We are the provider of commercial services in marketing, technology & research of various business types. We help connect both the seller’s & buyers of small and medium businesses with complete service range from inquiry to closing.

“ABF is determined to develop and enrich the economy by using its equipped Business Model where the Entrepreneurs and the investors can achieve their dreams and run businesses globally without reinventing the wheel.”

“ Our mission is to build an international network of affiliates to provide high level franchising services and commercial brokerage businesses in the market and ease the franchising development process by selecting the right franchise business in the right market. “


HMG Prestige





HMG Prestige Founded to provide a unique real estate services to the clients and to elevate the concept of luxury and privacy, our aim is to establish a firm which understands the essential need of owning a dream property even its for personal used or investment or commercial. We nominate qualified employees to provide the best services ever for our clients.

To become a leading Real Estate company for overseas Properties in Kuwait and expand to include many countries to serve more people on their demand.

HMG Prestige exists to provide the best real estate services to all clients from their places of residence and help them to own their dream property.







International Legal Consultancy and Advocates Network is one of the new established law firms in the State of Kuwait with over 25 years of local and international experts and expertise. LINCA head office is located in the United States of America, state of Michigan.

LINCA has a team of lawyers and legal consultants with a wide and distinctive experience in different fields of law whether inside or outside the State of Kuwait, in addition to that there is a team of researchers, legal translators, paralegals, and representatives of the courts and a unique administrative staff. All members of LINCA team have been selected carefully in accordance with LINCA terms and conditions through a multiple tests to ensure the quality of our legal services.

As a result of combination between LINCA team through its network, that enables LINCA to provide specialized legal services to their clients whether individuals or companies in many sectors such as: Corporate and Commercial – Banking and Financial Institutions – Real Estate – Telecommunication – Labour and Employment – Insurance and Risk –Litigation and Arbitration

Most of people resort to law firms to resolve their problems or obstacles facing them or to recover their stolen rights, but a few of them resort to law firms to know their rights and obligations to protect them before taking any action or decision to avoid falling into problems or risks and this is known as precaution. Medically commonly known “prevention is better than cure” and it is the same methodology that is followed by LINCA team that prevention and protection of the client from the beginning is better than resolving any problems or obstacles may face him in the future.”

LINCA mission is to provide full range of legal services to its clients whether inside or outside the State of Kuwait through its widespread network in most countries in the world such as: USA – UK – Spain – Germany – Gulf Countries and North Africa and to provide personalized and efficient quality legal services to its clients.


AMER(America Real Estate Investment Group LLC)





Back in 2009, many foreign investors took advantage of the low prices of the USA Real Estate Market,as many USA homes were below market value. This growth of the investment from overseas generated a need and therefore a market opportunity for Property Management Companies. AMER was created to respond to this need of the investor. The need of having their property looked after and ideally cash flowing.

Whether you are an American landlord living abroad or an overseas investor, AMER knows your needs and profile better than any other Property Management Company in USA. We have Property Managers in more than 10 cities as well as legal and financial advisors. We also partner with the best insurance companies.

From the moment of purchase and transfer of the property, AMER takes care of it A to Z. including not only the physical aspects but also the legal, your house insurance and of course your income. We contractually collect and transfer your rent to the account of your choice anywhere in the world, at no extra cost.

To become one of the leading Real Estate Companies in the USA that overseas investors can trust.

  • Providing fully-fledged property management.
  • Offering the most extensive insurance coverage at competitive prices.
  • Generating cash-flow while optimizing the return of investment of our client’s properties.